In Quebec, a traceability system has been implemented from the farm to the abattoir in the bovine (2002), ovine (2004), and cervid (2009) sectors.  During the year 2019-2020, ATQ's database has recorded the following transactions for the 12,225 registered producers:

  • 3,401,021 declarations
  • 10,745 orders for tags and accessories
  • 752,486 tags sold

Agri-Traçabilité Quebec is responsible for implementing and managing Quebec's livestock identification and traceability system.  To do so, ATQ provides daily support to producers as well as other industry stakeholders for their traceability obligations.  Our team is constantly innovating in order to increase added value for producers and overall industry while contributing to food safety for the benefit of consumers.

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To learn more about traceability since the foundation of ATQ, download the following Annual Reports (also available in the "Publication" section).