Online ATQ File

Your ATQ file is now available online at all times. Posted on the welcome page is a list of links that will allow operations to be carried out quickly.

Your ATQ file contains information about your animals, your declarations, your production sites, your vehicles used for transporting animals, your ear tag and accessory orders, as well as your production activities. 

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The SimpliTRACE menu bar provides access to several information directories and to numerous data management functions. These menus represent the different sections of your ATQ file.

In addition to sending your declarations to ATQ, accessing your file online will also make it possible for you to view or update a variety of information. 

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By accessing your file, you can make your declarations with the help of the simplified forms. These forms have graphic components to make data entry easier.

For example, a date may be entered quickly with the help of a viewable calendar. By selecting a date using your mouse, the date will be entered automatically in the required format. 

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