• Livestock Inventories

Livestock Inventories

Would you like to ckeck your traceability file, but you do not have computer access ? Within a few seconds, our telephone system can generate reports so you may check your traceability file at ATQ.

Three Report Options

Simply indicate the information you would like to receive :InventaireTelephoniqueWeb

Report Requested

Transmitting mode

1 → Complete inventory of your herd




2 → Basic inventory per species and site

→ Obtain your result over the phone, by fax or e-mail.
→ Obtain your result by fax or e-mail.

3 → List of arrivals and departures of your animals for one or several sites

→ Obtain your result by fax or e-mail.

When you have selected the type of report, the information requested will be sent automatically each month by fax or e-mail, according to your preference.


Get your telephone inventory in two easy steps

Step 1 : Register your information

If it is not already done, please call ATQ's client service to provide your e-mail address and/or your fax number.

Step 2 : Get to your inventory

    • Dial 1 866 270-4319
    • Press 2
    • Follow the instructions. It's simple !

Our telephone system will recognize your phone number if it is registered in our database. If you are calling from elsewhere, have your 7-digit PRO number available.


This service is available 7 days a week from 5am to 11pm !

Learn more...

To learn more about livestock inventories, refer to the files available in the Publications section | Bovine production | Ovine production | Cervid production


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