New versions of declaration forms for cattle and sheep sectors available as of January 11, 2016

Agri-Traçabilité Québec (ATQ) announces that new versions of the declaration forms destined for the cattle and sheep sectors are available as of today. In anticipation of the launch of the SimpliTRACE application, which will take place in March 2016, it was necessary for ATQ to undertake a revision of these declaration forms. This step was taken not only to update these documents to reflect new rules for data transmission but also to provide access to tools that are now simpler to use.

New Data Transmission Rules in Effect

The new versions of the forms have been adapted in order to allow for the addition of certain types of data. For example, regarding information that must be transmitted, the application date of an ear tag is a mandatory piece of data that must be declared following this event or in the case of a replacement. In addition, the form now allows for the declaration of an animal that has disappeared if such an event occurred out on pasture or on a farming operation.

New Single Form for the Sheep Sector

For the sheep sector, this update translated into the design of a new single declaration form that replaces, in a definitive manner, the two forms that were available until this point. By using the new form, it is now possible to report the tagging or movement of an animal within the same document.

Aside from the advantage of having a single document to fill out for your declarations, the new form was put together with the aim of simplifying the transcription of information. The printing of the Canadian prefix (124000) as part of the ear tag number, the addition of items that can be check marked on the form as well as the standardization of instructions on the back of the form represent other improvements made to the document.

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