Applicable fees on sheep ear tags paid through the ASRA program


Are you planning on buying sheep ear tags soon? Pay attention because, as of April 1, 2013, new conditions will apply to the purchase of sheep ear tags paid through the ASRA program of the Financière agricole.

Following an evaluation by ATQ for the additional costs incurred by this method of payment, the Board of directors has decided to apply an administration fee of $ 4 for each set of 10 tags and $ 20 for each set of 50 tags.

In doing so, the price for tags were re-assessed at the same time. Take note that a set of 50 tags will now be offered for $109, and a set of 10 tags for $29.10.

To ensure that you have the appropriate rates, contact us by phone to place your next order of tags or complete the order form which includes the new changes and let us take care of it. This will be available online as of April 1st and placed in your next box of ear tags.