Food traceability: International breakthrough for ATI

Agri-Traçabilité International (ATI), a branch of Agri-Traçabilité Québec, proudly announces that an agreement was reached with the government of the Republic of Chile concerning the diagnosis of the Chilean traceability system in the bovine and ovine sectors. On mission in Chile, the organization proceeded this week with the official signature of this agreement at government headquarters, in Santiago.

A first

Agri-Traçabilité International was selected by the Chilean government for their expertise in food traceability. It is a first incursion abroad for this Québec organization, after years of effort.

"Thanks to the government of Quebec vision, who introduced regulations by livestock production as well as joint action and mobilization of all industry stakeholders, we succeeded in positioning ourselves as a worldwide leader in animal traceability ", explained Daniel Marcheterre, ATQ Director General, who described the agreement concluded with the Chilean government as historic.

Over recent years, the worldwide industry of livestock production was shaken by crisis. And the issues are serious for countries exporting foodstuffs.

There are similarities between the Chilean and Quebec agri-food industries, in particular regarding the regulations established there, which are based on livestock productions. They face many challenges concerning food safety and security, and the most significant is the requirement to conform to traceability standards required by certain countries for importing products. The current Chilean traceability system does not completely meet the criteria, which explains their request for ATQ expertise.

Mission in Chile

The Quebec delegation is made up of a multidisciplinary team comprising of representatives from ATI and the business partners Référence Systèmes and Epsilia. These companies are considered as being experts in their business sector.

From April 23 to May 4, 2011, the members of this delegation will carry out interviews with Chilean authorities, producers and private businesses. Their mission will include visiting production and transportation facilities, cattle auctions and slaughterhouses. Finally, the group will take the opportunity to understand the Chilean regulations and all other aspects of the animal sector, such as information management systems and technology. This mission is consistent, over the medium and long term, with the objective of improving the Chilean traceability system.

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