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5 good reasons to access your ATQ file online with SimpliTRACE

1. To view your inventory of animals at all times

By accessing your ATQ file online, you can view your inventory of animals whenever you want. In your file, a complete inventory of your animals can be listed according to your production type. Furthermore, a list of animals present on each production site registered in your file is available at all times.

2. To produce and save your declarations with just a few clicks

With SimpliTRACE, it will be easy for you to send your declarations with the forms for your ATQ file online. When sending your declarations, the information will be registered in the ATQ database and will be saved simultaneously in your file. An electronic version of each declaration that has been sent will be stored in your file as well.

3. To view the history as well as the status of your ear tag and accessory orders

When you make an ear tag or accessory order at ATQ, the details of the order are registered in SimpliTRACE. By accessing your online ATQ file, you can view the history or even see the status of your order whenever you want. It will therefore be possible for you to follow every step of the ordering process to see when it will be shipped to you.

4. To monitor your ear tag inventory

With SimpliTRACE, monitoring your inventory of ear tags has never been easier. Once your order has been sent to the dealer, the range of identification numbers that will be assigned to you will be posted in your file. This list will be updated each time you produce a declaration of an ear tag being attached to an animal.

5. To send and store quality traceability data

The SimpliTRACE application was designed to give you access to your ATQ file by connecting you to the Internet. By using your online ATQ file to produce your traceability declarations or to add information to your production activities, your data will be updated regularly. Updating your data is essential to ensuring the proper functioning of the Quebec traceability system, and therefore preserving the reputation of the agricultural products that are associated with it.

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