Methods of data transmission

The SimpliTRACE application was designed with the goal of simplifying the collection and transmission of data in the ATQ database.

In addition to accelerating the process of capturing and transferring information, using a computerized tool to produce declarations ensures the greater reliability of the data.

To find out more about the data transmission options following the launch of SimpliTRACE, see the following sections. 

Electronic data transmission

With SimpliTRACE, you can produce your declarations with the help of electronic forms accessible in your ATQ file.

Please note that is it also possible to send information using electronic CSV or XML files by using the application’s web services.

Your information can also be sent in electronic files by using compatible declaration or management software.

Other data transmission options

Following the launch of SimpliTRACE, it will also be possible for you to produce your declarations by using official ATQ forms. Once completed, these paper forms may be sent by:

  • Fax or post
  • Email (by sending a scanned copy of the form)

You can also make your declarations over the phone by contacting ATQ Customer Service.