Administrative Committees

As part of a cooperation and consultation process, the Agri-Traçabilité Québec Board of Directors works with specialized resources, forming committees: notably, the Advisory Committee, as well as the bovine, ovine, swine and cervid implementation committees.

Advisory Committee

Mandate: to provide technical advice regarding the various implementation aspects of the traceability process in agricultural production.

Composed of: technical representatives from the beef and dairy sectors, the dairy breeds, the ovine sector, the swine sector, from MAPAQ, FADQ, UPA work group on quality assurance and from ATQ.

Implementation Committees

Mandate: to confirm the policies and procedural requirements in each production sector; to react to particular requirements and regulatory provisions on behalf of producers; to convey the realities of the various production sectors and the permanent identification and traceability system's impacts on the agrifood sector as a whole.

Composed of: representatives from the various production sectors involved in the on-going traceability process.

  • The Bovine Sector Implementation Committee
  • The Ovine Sector Implementation Committee
  • The Sectorial Committee for Table Eggs Traceability
  • The Swine Sector Implementation Committee
  • The Cervid Sector Implementation Committee

Technical and Interim Committees

ATQ's senior management is also supported by other committees that are directly associated with the development of ongoing traceability projects in various agricultural sectors

  • The Bovine Tag Committee
  • The Ovine Tag Committee
  • The Swine Sector Traceability Technical Committee
  • Transportation Committee
  • Automation Committee
  • Table Eggs Traceability Working Committee
  • Technical Sub-Committee on Table Eggs Grader Automation
  • Sector Commitee for Horticultural Traceability