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  • Bovins


    by allowing for rapid response to a livestock epidemic or food safety problem

  • Troupeau moutons


    while knowing their history, their previous movements and actual location

  • Cervidé


    and also reduce the risks related to the import and export of livestock or crop product

Important Message

Important Message

ATQ would like to bring your attention to the Regulation respecting the Identification and Traceability of certain animals, which makes it mandatory to send in the following information when declaring that an identifier has been attached, regardless of the means of transmission: the date on which the animal was identified (date of tag application), the date of birth as well as the sex and category of the animal.

Agri-Traçabilité Québec is a world leader

 recognized for the development, implementation and management of traceability systems adapted to the needs of various sectors. Its team, recognized for its professionalism and integrity, is constantly innovating in order to increase added value for producers and the overall industry while contributing to food safety for the benefit of consumers.

Circuit Tracabilite Animale AN webATQ contributes to the improvement of food safety 

and to the competitive capability of agricultural producers and the agri-food industry as a whole. It sees to thedevelopment, implementation and operation of a permanent identification and traceability system for agricultural and food products for both livestock and crop sectors.

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Administrative Committees

As part of a cooperation and consultation process, the Agri-Traçabilité Québec Board of Directors works with specialized resources, forming committees: notably, the Advisory Committee, as well as the bovine, ovine, swine and cervid implementation committees.

Advisory Committee

Mandate: to provide technical advice regarding the various implementation aspects of the traceability process in agricultural production.

Composed of: technical representatives from the beef and dairy sectors, the dairy breeds, the ovine sector, the swine sector, from MAPAQ, FADQ, UPA work group on quality assurance and from ATQ.

Implementation Committees

Mandate: to confirm the policies and procedural requirements in each production sector; to react to particular requirements and regulatory provisions on behalf of producers; to convey the realities of the various production sectors and the permanent identification and traceability system's impacts on the agrifood sector as a whole.

Composed of: representatives from the various production sectors involved in the on-going traceability process.

  • The Bovine Sector Implementation Committee
  • The Ovine Sector Implementation Committee
  • The Sectorial Committee for Table Eggs Traceability
  • The Swine Sector Implementation Committee
  • The Cervid Sector Implementation Committee

Technical and Interim Committees

ATQ's senior management is also supported by other committees that are directly associated with the development of ongoing traceability projects in various agricultural sectors

  • The Bovine Tag Committee
  • The Ovine Tag Committee
  • The Swine Sector Traceability Technical Committee
  • Transportation Committee
  • Automation Committee
  • Table Eggs Traceability Working Committee
  • Technical Sub-Committee on Table Eggs Grader Automation
  • Sector Commitee for Horticultural Traceability

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Agri-Traçabilité Québec develops, implements and maintains an information system, allowing to:

  • Limit and eliminate potential crisis rapidly by reacting quickly to problems of animal disease and food safety;
  • Retrace all identified animals to their farm of origin or agrifood products to their production site, and know their histories, their movements, and their present locations;
  • Improve diagnostic and checking capabilities, thus reducing the risks associated with the export and import of livestock and agrifood products.

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It was at the Rendez-vous des décideurs de l'agriculture et de l'agroalimentaire québécoise in 1998, that the Quebec government and the Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA) decided upon a goal of implementing a permanent identification system and the traceability of agricultural products from the farm to the table.

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ISO Distinction

On February 23, 2018, ATQ was proud to receive ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Quality Management for its system of permanent identification and traceability of Quebec agri-food products. The inclusion of the ISO standard in its business approach gives the ATQ team access to detailed, clear, precise and easy-to-follow procedures for providing the agri-food industry stakeholders with continuous processing of the data that they receive every day. This information includes all births, movements and deaths of livestock destined for human consumption, which is collected from the various agricultural industry stakeholders (producers, auctions, sorting centres, slaughterhouses, livestock carriers, etc).

Agri-Traçabilité Québec has been ISO certified since 2009. In this context, ATQ and its staff have established, implemented, and kept up to date this quality management system in order to continuously improve the organization's efficiency. Thus, the organization must efficiently manage a multi-species system of traceability in order to correct and/or prevent any sources of non-compliance - by implementing the necessary procedures, by recording the results and by evaluating the efficiency of the data processing systems included in its mandate, along with the many associated services.

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