New bovine tag soon to be available

In order to effectively meet the permanent identification needs for the Quebec bovine industry, ATQ has undertaken, since 2003, various retention projects for testing different types of identifiers in order to find a better model with higher retention.


Male part at the back of bovine's ear 


The new tags set,
in separate pieces


The new tags set

From testings, we have found Ultraflex, a new identifier composed of ultra-flexible plastic with rounded backside parts (male). In addition, the plastic and the form of the tag fit almost perfectly the natural form of the animal's ear. Therefore, there is very little space for an object to come between the identifier and the ear to damage and ultimately unfasten the identifier after a sudden movement.


This new identifier was designed with the feedback collected in the field from Quebec bovine producers. ATQ, along with the close cooperation from Allflex, has tested this new tag for almost 2 years and it has performed remarkably well.

Allflex, which is internationally recognized in the animal identification industry, has therefore developed an exclusive product which better suits Quebec's specific farming conditions. In fact, identifiers in our province are subjected to a wide range of temperatures (winter/summer), which impacts their lifespan. Furthermore, several farms use tie stalls. In the case of farms with tie stalls, the chance that a tag gets caught, damaged and eventually falls off is much higher. The facilities where the animals are kept have a significant impact on identifier retention.


This new model with better traction and resistance will require the use of a new punch which will be sent to bovine producers, free of charge, with their first order of new tags.


Intense negotiations with Allflex has allowed ATQ to offer very good prices for these new identifiers.


20110816---post-it---bon-commande-bovinweben---mdThis model will be available as of March in FDX and HDX (electronic scanning). Both these technologies are compatible with any stick reader offered by ATQ and with equipment used by animal auctions and slaughterhouses.


ATQ will continue its efforts to consistently improve identifier tools and traceability.


Please note that the Ultraflex will be the only tag available to producers as of March.


To learn more about the price list of the new tag ULTRAFLEX (Document temporarily not available)»

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