With a goal of "nourishing its fellow citizens," the UPA is a proud partner in Quebec's traceability system for agricultural products, while its members, on the front line, participate actively in the search for new solutions and the development of methods that reflect their sense of responsibility within the agrifood value chain.

logo_quebec_peche_agriIn order to quickly and efficiently manage a potential crisis involving animal health or food biosecurity, MAPAQ, in concert with the various other stakeholders in the bio-food sector, agreed to establish a traceability system "from the farm to the consumer's plate." The ministry gave ATQ the mandate to create and manage the traceability database.

La Financière Agricole du Québec participates in the exchange of permanent identification information. This cooperation between partners has the advantage of simplifying the farmers' efforts by ensuring that the information is collected only once for all stakeholders.

Federations and specialized associations

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